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    About our name - Supernova Soft Skills. Did you know that astronomers believe shockwaves from a supernova star explosion create life on Earth? New stars were created - all unique, just as each and every one of us must learn to shine in our own unique way. We're on a mission to partner, engage, and empower those who come into our gravitational pull!


    Through e-learning, diagnostics and coaching, we help leaders and entrepreneurs flush out and overcome challenges related to productivity, attrition, talent management, and employee engagement. We identify problem areas in order to help you avoid obstacles that could derail the success of you, as an individual, or the company in which you work.


    Our interactive e-learning subjects have been specifically chosen to help you to work through the key issues with leading and managing though change, developing your workforce, growing the business through customer attraction and retention, and increasing employee engagement. Designed by professional, strategically-minded HR, Change and L&D Experts, and experienced Growth Entrepreneurs, we've released the potential of many companies in delivering strategic and practical solutions.


    Our services are suitable for leaders, entrepreneurs, managers and employees, in any company size, and we've pinpointed the suitability of courses and assessments, so you can choose the right combination for you.


    If you have any questions, please contact us via success@supernovasoftskills.com.




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  • Online Courses

    With our e-learning, you can buy a standalone course, or contact us if you need a bundle put together, or a multi-person subscription! We'll be happy to answer any questions you have.

    "Good to Great" Course Series

    Driving Engagement in the Workplace

    Mission: Culture + Careers + Values + Productivity

    How do you create a culture to respect all workers and drive productivity in this competitive age, especially as the workforce changes? Your human resources are your best asset and a lack of engagement can be a drain on your profits. Compete with the best and take a deep dive into workplace issues by using our "Good to Great" Series for operational managers and supervisors.

    "Skills Update" Course Series

    Equipping Employees with Skills & Tools


    Mission: Engage + Educate + Empower


    The "Skills Update" Series is designed to help those exploring career change, progression, the ability to manage self and communicate and influence effectively, given the demands of the modern business world. Any employee, from those in first roles, to leaders, can complete these courses.

    "How to..." Course Series

    Driving Leadership Performance

    Mission: Coach + Collaborate + Transform

    Combine current leadership thinking with a practical twist to rework your leadership style. Resolve the key issues within your company with our "How to..." Series, linked to transformational leadership competencies.

    "Build It" Course Series

    Releasing Entrepreneurial Spirit

    Mission: Clear Vision + Solutions = Customer Gratitude + Growth

    Explore the DNA of an entrepreneur. Whether you are already in business-start up mode, or thinking of starting a business, how do you get into the mindset of becoming a successful entrepreneur, and then stay there? Consider our "Build it" Series, to establish and sustain your mindset for success.

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    Booking A Course

    When you book a course, you'll be provided with the joining information by email. Please check your spam folder just in case the information doesn't arrive in your inbox. The courses can take place over several weeks, although we think drip-feeding them may not suit everyone, so you have access to all course sections for flexibility of learning.

    Course Support & General Queries

    Our instructors will answer any questions you have at success@supernovasoftskills.com, and will reply as soon as possible. You can also discuss progress, learning, obstacles, or anything course-related you want.


    There is also a chat availability and our agents can handle queries about any of our services. For technical support, issues are rare on our partner platform, but they can happen. Drop us an email and we'll respond as soon as possible.

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