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The ONLY Way to Achieve Personal and Professional Success

by Olivia Henson

Success seems to be Everywhere

Switch on the tv and we are beset with celebrity culture. For most people, this reality is one huge step from their reality. There are days when we could cheerfully throw down what we are doing and walk away. The fear of failure, a string of set-backs, watching someone else thrive where you seem to fail, there are many reasons for self-doubt creeping in. Giving up is one answer but doesn't come highly recommended.If you have a secure plan, then you need to learn to overcome obstacles and knocks, build a tough outer skin and pick yourself up and move on. That might sound like a sentence of clichés but to be fair, it is also the cold hard truth.

Be Clear about What Success Looks Like for You!

If you think about what you really want from life and what you need to be happy and healthy, that is a great starting point. Success means different things to different people at different stages of their lives. We all have motivational needs, based on desires, wants and our goals. The key is to focus upon self and your family. Success does not and will not come from doing what everyone else is doing, so the first step is to stop comparing yourself to other people. This is not an exercise in keeping up with the Jones’s and that applies equally to both your professional and personal life.

In order to succeed, you must repeatedly focus on your own specific goals.Focus on what you want to achieve and work toward those goals.That is how you will reach the finish line. It is the continuous improvement that will eventually differentiate you from everyone else and manifest the success you have been looking for, as long as you have defined it!

Have a Clear and Actionable Plan

The first step to reaching any goal is planning. Be clear on what you want to achieve and then break down the steps required to get there. SMART planning is a great tool that enables you to zero in on the crucial steps and gives you a precise definition of how to get there. There is nothing wrong with seeing how someone else has achieved their goal, but you need to remain authentic to your own values and needs and find your own path. There is a difference between not needing to reinvent the wheel and outright copycatting. Be sure to be living your own life and reaching for your own goals rather than losing focus by trying to emulate what everyone else is doing, just take advice, learn from success and augment it to fit your goals.

What Stop You?

Rather than getting frustrated by barriers and failings, learn from them. Sometimes we have to look at the bad to find the good.We all have things we are not great at doing, be that professional tasks or more personal issues. It is tempting to reframe our failings as someone else’s fault, but that means the barrier will remain in place. It is far better to be a little uncomfortable while we critique our own failings so that we finally be able to remove them. Write these short tips on a post-it note and place it somewhere visible.

  • Choose Happiness
  • Let Go of Negativity
  • Ooze Positivity
  • Stop Comparing Yourself
  • Recognise the Small Achievements
  • Embrace a Success Mindset
  • Celebrate Gratitude
  • Never Give Up

If you are sure you have your plan in place, and that you have tested it for weaknesses, then you are on the right track. Forge ever forwards without losing sight of your goals and be prepared to change and develop as you go. There's a great video by Dr Carol Dweck: "The Psychology of Success", and you want watch it here.

What are your thoughts? If you have any tips you'd like to share, please do so below.


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