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How do you build a Personal or Professional Brand on Pinterest?

by Ryan Adam

· Pinterest marketing

What's the fuss all about?

Like most business owners, I had no idea what the fuss was all about. Pinterest seemed fine if you were an interior designer, graphic designer or artist, or any type of visual business, but for technology-run businesses like ours, Pinterest was brushed under the carpet as a marketing option. How wrong was I?

In October 2016, it was reported that Pinterest had amassed 150 million monthly users. That is a pretty substantial market to be ignored, so you need to learn how to target your prospects on there.

I guess I could be forgiven for thinking it is just a more social and visual tool, out of the social media platforms available but, Pinterest can be a vital marketing tool for a personal or professional brand.

So, how can small businesses and entrepreneurs use Pinterest to market themselves and build that all important brand?

Find Your Audience

Initially I found Pinterest frustrating because there are limited search facilities for finding group boards in your industry. However, I strongly recommend that you use the group board to increase your reach. Ultimately what you are looking for is new followers, traffic, and re-pins, so what can you do to boost it? PinGroupie is an excellent third-party tool that searches and finds the best group boards for you. It is easy to use, just head to their website and fill in the information. Choose boards to see first based on re-pinning figures as these show active communities that like to share. PinGroupie is a free tool - so no excuses!


However, if your target is to increase your Pinterest followers for the sake of having a high following count, it's pointless. If you aren't pinning in front of the right audience, with the right pins and on a regular basis, your followers aren't going to see your pins.

Instead, you should focus on finding your right audience. Here's a few tips:

  • Not all group boards are created equal
  • Just because a group board has a high following does not make it your ideal board
  • Using Pinterest Analytics, research who your audience is. You can learn what topics our viewers are researching – use this information to your advantage! This means you need the free business account too  so you can monitor your efforts!


Whoopee! Direct Promotion is Allowed.

This is what made my ears prick up. As an entrepreneur, you are always looking for ways of direct, low-cost marketing. Some platforms prefer community interaction, and direct selling is discouraged. On Facebook, for example, you might hear people mention the 5/2 rule. This means businesses should post five general interest posts in their niche and only 2 plugging the hard sell.

On Pinterest, things are slightly different. Users on Pinterest are normally on the lookout for things to buy, so there is nothing more frustrating than coming across a post that doesn't have the sales info. Add a price to your picture.

Regarding pricing, here are some interesting statistics. A pin that has a price will, on average, gain 36% more likes than those without. Pinterest images actually drive more traffic to a website than Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube combined. However, this doesn't mean that you relentlessly share image after image of your product range. Mix it up with some other pins that share information, inspire people or teach people something new.

Am I Dreaming? Multiple Product Promotion!

A single image of your product could be quite boring. What about sharing more than one product in an appropriate setting. A clothes line could feature a model wearing a whole outfit, or a takeout could showcase more than one dish. This lets users know that you have more than one thing to offer, and of course you will appeal to more people because you have several products on show. It has been proven to drive more sales than single images - but again mix up the content and do not become stale, use other types of posts and don’t always sell.

My Top 10 Pinterest Tips

  1. Don’t forget to follow similar businesses.
  2. Create clear and relevant boards with your logo or URL on each pin. Ensure that these are organised clearly so users can navigate around your board easily.
  3. Red or orange images tend to be re-pinned the most, but remember to use light and not dark images. "Bright, bold and standout" should be your Pinterest mantra,
  4. Pin an appropriate amount – 3-5 times per week.
  5. Engage your followers – keep content as visual as possible.
  6. Best days to Pin – Sunday, Monday, Tuesday.
  7. Best times to Pin – early morning works best.
  8. Use text overlay.
  9. Use 150-300 word descriptions.
  10. Use Call to Action pins.

Feel free to add any helpful tips to these, especially if you use Pinterest for your business.

Ryan Adam is a thought leader and entrepreneur. He runs three online businesses and in his spare time mentors school-age children working on their first business idea! He also successfully coaches entrepreneurs, likes to travel, and he wrote our "Build It" course bundle - specifically for entrepreneurs!

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