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    The Premium Leadership Development Package


    Invest in your leadership development, take the Authentic Leadership assessment, receive tailored feedback. You'll have lifetime access to over 25 hours of quality learning, interactive exercises, videos and over 100 pages of toolkits you can download, as shown below.

    Elevate your thinking and planning with your Master Coach over the three months of development (up to 4 hours of coaching by phone or video), and we will refine your implementation plan.


    Transform your Leadership Style

    Understand the features of the Full Range Leadership Model as developed by Bass and Avolio;

    Explore how the workforce will change to help you plan leading and managing that transition;

    Facilitate the thinking behind your next 18 months as a leader, and to help you plan key development activities to help align your people management strategy;

    Create an action plan and to enable you to practice acquired knowledge and development in the workplace.


    Using Coaching as a Leadership Style

    Apply a coaching style whenever you need to in an informal sense, or as part of a formal coaching process;

    Practice the use of listening, questioning and developing rapport techniques;

    Develop an appropriate coaching environment back at work, including setting learning objectives and goals for coaching assignments;

    Prepare a coaching action plan using the different models; e.g. GROW, CIGAR and TARGET.


    Develop your Effectiveness as a Leader

    Create positive ways to control reactions and respond to events more effectively;

    Develop a positive impact on others;

    Delegate appropriately and effectively;

    Use tools to focus and manage attention and reduce procrastination - both can steal time;

    Work on personal leadership aspects which increase effectiveness and impact of your style;

    Manage office politics without damaging reputation;

    Use the toolkits to work through exercises to pinpoint weaknesses and use the tips to address these.



    Leading Change to Engage your Employees

    Explore your own organisational climate and assess the current 'pulse' of the culture;

    Understand why using a change model is better than "winging" your way through change;

    Position change against personal and organisational purpose;

    Understand why change is perceived differently by employees, how feelings about change affect behaviours and use proven strategies to help others work through their change issues;

    Use personal leadership behaviours to motivate and drive change;

    Leverage understanding of your own perceptions about change, and work on any limiting beliefs;

    Create a supportive environment for change by using champions.


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    The Premium Entrepreneurial Development Package

    Receive the Saville Entrepreneurial Potential Assessment, plus feedback and a tailored benchmarking report, lifetime access to two quality online learning courses, four hours of coaching and unlimited email support for six months.

    The two “Build It” Series of courses explore how you think in given scenarios, how you manage emotions, and take the right action, with purpose, focus and with energy. These courses will help you to understand the proven “Entrecode” Model principles of success for entrepreneurs as developed by Professor David Hall. With a 100 page toolkit, with case studies, exercises, entrepreneurial insights, and proven methods of elevating your mindset for success.


    By the end of these courses, you’ll be able to:


    - Focus upon your priorities and set the direction you need;

    - Plan and prepare your growth mindset to add clarity to your development plan moving forwards;

    - Demonstrate more confidence in yourself and have the courage to meet your targets;

    - Boost resilience levels by working through our step-by-step processes;

    - Work through the Entrecode principles to handle setbacks and challenges effectively;

    - Create specific uplifting actions for when you do feel as though you can't carry on;

    - Motivate yourself through the early stages, by practically utilising tried and tested tips;

    - Understand how partnerships can work, and minimise the risks of picking the wrong partnership;

    - Use networking principles to build your brand;

    - Build process and team capability as you grow with checklists, exercises and workouts.


  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator, (MBTI)

    The MBTI tool helps you to understand type preference. A detailed feedback session will explore your individual gifts and primary tendencies, how you can maximise effectiveness, preferences for leading and working in a team, and influencing strategies.

    Explore the Full Range Leadership Model with the MLQ

    The Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ) identifies the characteristics of a transformational leader and helps individuals discover how they measure up in their own eyes and in the eyes of those with whom they work. It's the ideal accompanying assessment for our "How to" and "Good to Great" Courses.

    Entrepreneurial Potential Assessment

    The WAVE Entrepreneurial Report predicts entrepreneurial potential - across six core areas and 21 entrepreneurial competencies. It helps to build effective innovation teams; identifies opportunities for new markets and helps to identify the 10% of corporate managers who have the entrepreneurial talent to lead business transformation. It's an ideal assessment for our "Build It" Courses.

    Career Beliefs Inventory, (CBI)

    We use Mindgarden’s Career Beliefs Inventory (CBI) at the beginning of the career coaching process to explore assumptions, generalisations, and beliefs and to help clients discover new options and alternative ways of attaining their career goals. It’s the ideal assessment for our “Employability Skills” Course and “Managing your Career & Progression” Course.

    Authentic Leadership Questionnaire, (ALQ)

    If you don't feel ready to take part in a 360 process, this report provides vital feedback on your leadership style. It explores:

    How self-aware you are, as the leader, in terms of strengths, limitations, and how personal style impacts others;

    How you reinforce a level of openness with others that provides them with an opportunity to be forthcoming with their ideas, challenges and opinions;

    How you set high standards for moral and ethical conduct; and,

    How you go about soliciting sufficient opinions and viewpoints prior to making important decisions.

    Emotional & Social Competency Inventory, (ESCI)

    The 360° view of behaviours from the Emotional and Social Competency Inventory (ESCI) will help to focus your development. The ESCI measures emotional intelligence in your leaders and professionals; raises awareness through powerful feedback; focuses coaching and personal development on crucial capabilities and bring out the best in individuals and teams. Receive a detailed report and feedback.

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