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    Being a Leader - "How to Transform your Leadership Style" & "Coaching as a Leadership Style" - part of the "How to..." Series

    Stefan M. Managing Director

    "I never really classed myself as a leader - more of team worker, but now I know when to flex my style. Great courses, interesting content and the exercises made me dig deep!"

    Quality and Value Combined - MBTI Team Profile & Feedback & Company-wide Subscription to Courses

    Company Size - 14 employees

    Multiple subscriptions helped a video production company to develop its employees, from the two Directors and two Supervisors to ten fairly new employees, mainly recent graduates and administrative employees. The team MBTI profile and feedback helped to reinforce understanding of our team members as an added extra.

    The "Build It" Series was terrific! Three Course "Build It" Bundle.

    Solopreneur - in the first year of business

    I feel as though I've been liberated. I put so much thought into processes, systems, and marketing for my consultancy - it's all been about 'just getting on with it', that I had neglected my own behaviour and how I needed to develop myself to reach peak performance. The coaching really helped, much more than I'd thought. Thank you for putting this together in such a clear format for someone as busy as myself!

    Christine A.

    Career Beliefs Inventory & Feedback, "Managing your Career & Progression" Course & Two Coaching Sessions

    Course + Coaching + TLC = A Happy Customer

    Joanna was one of our first on-line course participants and even though we'd piloted the course, we were keen to hear her thoughts. She needed some support after being out of the workplace for a while, so we worked with her to understand her goals. Our career coach understood her needs and ensured Joanna was on track a month after the coaching had finished. Our early bird course offer and coaching discount was a great help too. (July 2017)

    Delivering Quality Solutions

    Training Design - Coaching - 360 Feedback

    We have demonstrable experience of working with SME enterprises - especially those with up to 250 employees, and we use our validated experience of working with larger companies. A sample of those can be seen here.

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    Bespoke Course Design - Yvonne (Crystal Clear)

    Course One: Truly amazing. The consultant, Cheryl, owned this brief as if it were her own. Her passion and enthusiasm is embedded throughout, and for that I am grateful.


    Course Two & Three: Cheryl, I am blown away by your expertise. Your professionalism and ability is out of this world. You have been integral to moving my business forwards. Highly recommended.

    Assessment Design & Competency Creation - Colombus Energy

    Extremely high-quality work and professionalism shown by the team. We were delighted with the expert input and the output. Was able to tailor our request to our exact requirements. Saved us so much time researching and working on an areas better fulfilled by a specialist.

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