• How Coaching & Training can Leverage your Potential

    We offer bespoke solutions.

    How Coaching Will Work

    and youYou can book a trial session if you wish and up to as many sessions as you need. We have experience of coaching all levels of employees. We are trained as coaches and take part in a supervision programme to keep our skills and practices current and ethical.


    When booking, we will contact you to find out more details as to what you want to achieve through the coaching, so we can start with a clear agenda. We have a choice of coaches with hundreds of hours of coaching experience; each of whom have specific expertise of business and personal development challenges, and knowledge of the online course materials if you are considering buying a package. We want you to benefit from your learning experience, so please get in contact if you'd like to discuss this.


    Please check out our testimonials from our satisfied customers about our combined approach.


    We will book a call for you to talk with your coach prior to the session so you can start the process of connecting with each other.

    Commitment to your Success

    We’re aware the success of the coaching outcomes depends on the nature of the relationship between the coach and coachee and therefore building rapport to create a good relationship is a critical element of this, especially via video link, or phone, when other non-verbal clues may not be visible.


    Our small, but perfectly-formed and trusted team of coaches have worked together on many client-driven projects. Each coach is driven by client needs. Active listening and asking open questions, challenging when needed, and ensuring that realistic goals are set and followed up on will form part of their process.


    Each coach will explain their background, experience and most importantly the coaching process and what each session will entail. Once clients know the roadmap for the session this settles them, and they're set up for success.

  • Certified & Trained

    We take your development, as well as our own, seriously!

    Many of our Coaches have attained "Master Coach" status

    Certified Coaches via acclaimed coaching organisations



  • Do you want your own branded e-learning courses?

    It is easier than you think...

    We can do that for you!

    Get in contact if you want your own e-learning courses developed. We can brand them with your company, style and logo!


    We design doodly-explainer videos with a choice of voice-over, case studies based on your material, written text and exercises, short, fun interactive exercises and quizzes. You pay for the design and a yearly subscription, and it is hosted on our partner platform. The, the courses can be embedded on your own website via a widget, as you can see on our home page. There is no further cost, so your course can develop any amount of employees you wish!

    What we'll need.

    We'll need to discuss your requirements and our chief e-learning designer will work up a plan with you. An average 3 hour course can take up to 20 hours to design, as it will be composed of around 8-10 different elements. We'll storyboard your course, work with you to establish attainable learning objectives, and will provide support throughout. Your e-learning course can be modified at any point you want.

  • Training Design you can Trust

    Over 35 years of bespoke training design!

    That covers a huge range of topics. Give us your requirements; we'll work on your learning outcomes with you. We design a draft, send over, refine based on your feedback and then you will receive all you need. Please remember that it usually takes several hours to complete an hour's worth of delivery. We don't cut and paste content - we think about how to best elevate the skills you need to drive your business performance, then mind map and start with a blank canvas!

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